For the second year in a row, I traced all the books I read this year. I have a fancy Google sheet where I write down start and end date along with the title and the book’s author, just for the pleasure to have some data about my reading habit1.

It turned out that I read 17 books, 2 less than the past year, most of them were novels, while the year before I read also technical books about software, psychology and personal improvement. Not that I stopped reading technical stuff, but it was mostly on the Internet, like blogs and videos. Reading tech books is a habit I would like to take again this year.

This year I started listening to audio books (5 out of 17 and I am still listening to one now), that, along with the fact that I changed job and my commute time has increased by the double, let me enjoy quite a lot of stories I would not be able to read otherwise. In fact, audio books convinced me so much, that I just subscribed for the 30-days-free trial of Audible, and I am in the process of exploring interesting new titles.

I also came back to paper books. I am not in the battle e-book v.s. “real” books, since I really like both and for different reasons, but this year lot of the books I read were gifts and in paper format. Sure enough, if the kindle were able to read my e-books2, it would be a killer app for me.

  1. Well I am an engineer after all, I like data[↩].
  2. Kindle is kind of able to read books, but the functionality is really basic, one can not even stop and restart from a bookmark for example.[↩].