New stable release of communitheme is ready!

  • Folders will be less distracting when Nautilus is not on focus :)
  • Added style for Nemo file explorer
  • GNOME Terminal as improved a little again
  • more bugs have been fixed

Moreover, you’re going to see again fully opaque top panel and dock when a window is maximized. We discussed a lot this decision. We liked the transparency as many of you do, but it is needed to fix a weird problem of overlay.

However we are working hard to try to bring back the transparency we had before, so, hopefully this is not the end :)

Anyone on Ubuntu 18.04 can try the theme installing the snap package from GNOME Software. Stable Snap package will be automatically updated each week, but if you want to try immediatly any new change install from the edge channel.

snap install communitheme --edge