The Communitheme team is happy to announce a new stable release!

This week brings one of the major updates since a lot of time:

  • A new sidebar/mainview color set, hope you like it as we do
  • A back to the future change for text selection
  • A subtle restyle for (disabled) switch
  • A unified style for radio and check buttons
  • No more dashed line when scrolling (e.g. in Nautilus), but a nice shadow (easier to see than to write)
  • Beautified emoji-picker popover style, thanks to a new contributor ;)

And probably the minor number of bugs than ever :D

Moreover a little bonus for Firefox users. Thanks to Firefox Test pilot, I “developed” (it was too easy) a Communitheme inspired Firefox theme. Please, consider that this is not part of Communitheme in any way, it is just a toy I had fun to do.

As usual, anyone on Ubuntu 18.04 can try the theme installing the snap package from GNOME Software. Stable Snap package will be automatically updated each week, but if you want to try immediatly any new change install from the edge channel.

snap install communitheme --edge