The Communitheme team is happy to announce a new stable release!

This week we worked mainly on

  • completed the transition to the unique repository for all Communitheme compontents
  • added the AUTHORS file, to recognize the people who contributed the most. NOTE: if you don’t like to appear in the list, or you prefer to appear with a different name and/or email, please let us know).
  • back to GNOME upstream grid icon (we will work in the background to provide an alternative, but for now we go upstream)
  • more bug fixes as usual!

Anyone on Ubuntu 18.04 can try the theme installing the snap package from GNOME Software. Stable Snap package will be automatically updated each week, but if you want to try immediatly any new change install from the edge channel.

snap install communitheme --edge


A Communitheme inspired Firefox theme is available, but, please consider that this is not part of Communitheme official release.