The Yaru team is happy to announce a new stable release, the one that will be shipped in the upcoming Cosmic Cuttlefish 18.10 release!


This week release brings the following

  • Gnome-software styling improvements in application list
  • dash-to-dock transparency fix1
  • Shell: removed black line in highlighted submenu
  • Green buttons now have a nicer white outline (normal buttons will still have the orange one)
  • Fixed the icon used by System Monitor app

If you want to try it on Ubuntu 18.04, install the snap package from GNOME Software or from SHELL using the following command

snap install communitheme

This will install the stable Snap package, which will be automatically updated ~each week, but if you want to try immediately any new change, install from the edge channel.

snap install communitheme --edge

A Yaru inspired Firefox theme is available, but, please consider that this is not part of Communitheme official release.

  1. The dash-to-dock version shipped with Cosmic handles transparencies in a slightly different way, respect the version in Bionic. The result is that we will have the same transparency between Panel and Dock in Cosmic only, while in Bionic, the dock will be slightly more transparent than the Panel. ↩︎