Hacktoberfest entered pre-launch phase!

This would be my 4th year of Hacktoberfest, and last year I decided to stop to participate as contributor.

I consider Hacktoberfest an initial step for newcomers to the world of open source, so doing it for 4 years would be a bit too much, but it is time to do it as maintainer.

I surely need to prepare Yaru for it, tagging some issues, or creating some new ones specifically tailored for newcomers.

Moreover, the people ad Hacktoberfest had a great idea for 2020:

We’re offering an alternative, environmentally friendly choice of swag: You can choose the ‘pick trees, not tees’ option to replace a Hacktoberfest T-shirt with a planted tree in celebration of your accomplishments.

So, I might keep my contributor hat for 2020, and go for a tree