The Yaru team is happy to announce a new stable release!


The changes are mainly bug fixes:

  • align notebook tab labels
  • added a margin to usb-creator’s dialog to fix Geary headerbar
  • improved visibility of selected partitions in GNOME disk
  • made osd_borders_color brighter in shell to improve visibility on dark backgrounds
  • fixed circular button border in Nautilus (the stop loading folder button)
  • fixes in rhythmbox
  • updates in build scripts

Yaru is already default theme in Cosmic Cuttlefish 18.10, so if you like to try it, please report any feedback on the Ubuntu HUB or on our Github repository.

If you want to try it on Ubuntu 18.04, install the snap package from GNOME Software or from SHELL using the following command

snap install communitheme

This will install the stable Snap package, which will be automatically updated ~each week, but if you want to try immediately any new change, install from the edge channel.

snap install communitheme --edge

A Yaru inspired Firefox theme is available, but, please consider that this is not part of Communitheme official release.