This was way more than unexpected, but I’m going to attend Gnome’s GUADEC conference this year!

guadec attending badge

GUADEC brings together Free Software enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world. Join us for six days of talks, demos, discussion, parties, games and more.

Being just a kind of hobbyist contributor, I wasn’t thinking about joining any conference. I mean, dreaming about it yes, but not actually planning for it.

My gratitude goes to Canonical and the Ubuntu Community that sponsored me for this awesome opportunity, I never expected that the Yaru project would have given me more than a wonderful looking desktop 😉.

This year, GUADEC is held in Thessaloniki, Greece, between the 23rd and 28th of August, with the usual three days of conferences, followed by three other days of workshops.

I will be an enthusiast guest most of the time, but I’ll also participate in the Vendor Themes workshop the 27th.

I’m looking forward to meet - finally in person - the many people that helped me online during these years and some new ones.

See you there!